Mar 282014

You can build a new set of doors or update your existing doors Cheaply and Easily

The Shed Door Rescue Kit provides complete step by step plans and instruction to build the most popular size double doors; 4 ft and 5 ft wide, 72 inches tall.

The plans are suitable if you have a big box wooden shed purchased from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Lowe’s carries the Heartland brand exclusively.

The same company making the Heartland Shed for Lowe’s also makes the DIY sheds for Home Depot under the Handy Home Products name and you can find other ones they make online under the Marco Product name.

The big box sheds are practically all the same and their doors are helped tremendously with the Shed Door Rescue Kit because kit doors are not built very well. All the parts have to fit in a shippable container so the part of the shed they decided to scrimp on are the doors. They don’t have full back frames and the main strength of the door actually comes from the front trim screwed from the back through the face (piece of siding) of the shed.

The problem with this is the factory staples the front trim to the door. During installation, the builder is suppose to use screws from the inside out securing the trim even more. The pro’s very seldom do this step and I doubt most DIY’s do it too.

Since the doors are probably the only mechanical item in the shed, they have problems from the get go. As the doors are used, the staples loosen, start pulling out and the integrity of the door is compromised weakening the door and it starts to sag.

Another problem occurs when the shed settles into it’s footprint. All it takes is a couple of inches for the doors to start hanging up on the floor or top of the door frame. They need to be pulled harder to open and slammed to close placing stress on the staples and before you know it, they are falling apart and sagging too.

Use the Shed Door Rescue Kit plans to beef up your existing doors no matter who built it and you’ll have great doors.


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